Women Grow Strong, Inc., offers a wealth of workshops designed to facilitate education, motivation and inspiration. The workshops roll out a royal court of fashion, fitness, food and fanfare and are fit for a queen.

Fit for a Queen is a women’s empowerment series that provides training and development for women and young adults. The series helps transform women’s self-esteem, appeal, direction and purpose in life and provides tools for healthy living, and a wholesome lifestyle by offering a positive outlook on life. Sessions range from fashion and fitness to business and bookkeeping, to education, social skills and workplace etiquette.

Dynamic subject matter workbooks are developed and provided to each of the attendees. Resource experts serve as presenters for the sessions, each lasting 45-60 minutes in length. Hands-on involvement and engagement from each audience member is expected and e-mail follow up with online training sessions are provided at the conclusion of the series.