The overall goal of Women Grow Strong, Inc., is to help develop, build and sustain women’s contributions and goals in society through educational training, counseling and business development initiatives for both teens and adults. Topics ranging from health and fitness to image and business etiquette will be addressed through workshops and intensive sessions. It is the belief of the program’s developers that once women become empowered, they become better mothers, wives and overall contributors to society.

Women Grow Strong, Inc., also known as WINGS (an acronym for Women in Need Growing Strong) is a not-for-profit women and young adult support group that provides training, counseling, development and discipleship. WINGS helps to sow seeds of mercy, grace, provision and love into the hearts and souls of women seeking empowerment, self esteem and confidence.

Women Grow Strong, Inc. 501(c) (3). Its corporate headquarters is located in North Miami Beach, Florida and there is an affiliate office in Canton, North Carolina.